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Looking at how the project is basically not even born yet, I would suggest saving time and gaining some momentum by borrowing the material of region lore and settlements from pretty much sole game/mod that covered Elsweyr in relatable way so far: Elder Kings mod for Crusader Kings 2.
It covers much more than just few regional capitals everybody knows. It also allows to have geographical base you won't need to make up and aligning cities and names of regions to it, culture and religion borders you possibly could need.



The only problem is that we will have to check which of those they made up (if they did) and which ones are researchable.
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Re: Geolore

Postby Le Grimacier » Mon Jan 06, 2014 7:02 pm

In Morrowind, regions are a means to use separate sets of ground textures, flora, trees and architectures. Elder Kings seems nicely done (I don't have it so I can't judge it properly) but our map will be too little to have as many regions and that will ask too much work with our current (lack of) manpower. But effectively, if we are stuck with a point of lore, that could be inspiriting.
As for settlements, map from Arena give us plenty of names and, sadly, more of half won't be in our release because this lack of space.

But if you have anything specific that you find interesting don't hesitate to tell us!
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