A Great Many Names: Book II

A Great Many Names: Book II

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A Great Many Names-Book II
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A Great Many Names -Book II
By Raksada Jo’Baal

Sharvyne headed up the Cobblestone path that led to the small village of Pelagiad. If Chuna's speakings were true, he would definitely have more information by the end of the day. The Dark Elf headed under the large archway, as he arrived at Pelagiad. The sky was bright, but starting to dim as he approched a building with a sign that read: Halfway Tavern. Sharvyne pushed the wooden door open and steped inside, wondering how he would tell who was the Hlaalu. The Ordinator strode up to the counter, and sat on a bench. Soon after, the bartender walked through a door, and back behind the counter. "Can I get you something?" She asked. "Got any Nordic Mead?" Sharvyne asked. The bartender smiled, and said, "We Dunmer don't usually drink anything that comes from outer Tamriel." Sharvyne nodded. "I don't agree with most of the Dunmer traditions." The bartender reached her hand out toward him. "Drelasa, Drelasa Ramothran . It's a pleasure to meet you. I've always wanted to meet someone who doesn't care about our traditions." Sharvyne cautiously shook her hand. " I don't agree with our 'traditions' either. Have this round on the house" Sharvyne thanked her and downed the mead, quick and thirstily. I should break tradition more often he thought.

The Ordinator turned around and scanned every person. One in particular,an Imperial wearing green and black robes was leaning against the wall, with a mug in hand. His gaze never left Sharvyne, which might mean The Dumer's compromise. Sharvyne stood up, and turned around he quickly walked over to the Imperial, who then dropped the mug on the table. The man quickly approached the door, but was held back by Sharvyne's grasp. The Indoril leaned forward and whispered, "I know what you are doing here." The Hlaalu agent did not move. 3 seconds. 5 seconds. 8. 13. Then finally, the Imperial pushed The Ordinator's hand off, and put his hands on the wall. "Fine" the man said. Unexpectedly, the man hand flew upward towards Sharvyne, iron dagger in hand. Sharvyne grabbed onto the dagger, just before it had even touched his gold colored armor. It was a silent struggle, a struggle of power as both of them pushed the upright end of the blade towards each other. Sharvyne had the winning hand, and pushed forward, and pushed the dagger into the wall. The imperial slammed open the door with his shoulder, and made a mad sprint for the local tradehouse. Sharvyne was weighed down with all of his armor, but still managed to keep up with the man, and forced him into the Imperial Fort. He ran up the winding stairs, with Sharvyne, who was running out of breath, right behind him. The man ran towards a door, and pulled, to find that it was locked. The Ordinator was right up to the man now, and grabbed him with his leat hand. He drew his sword, and placed it against the man's neck, all while ignoring the rantings of the guards behind him. " Now, tell me what I want to know, before I..." He was interrupted mid-sentance. The Imperial looked to his right, and dove off of the edge, landing with a scream of pain. Sharvyne lept off after him, in full sprint now. He sheathed his sword and brought out two sharp throwing knives. He jumped over a rock, and around some trees, but could not see the man anymore. He scanned his feild of view, and noticed movement in a nearby comberry bush. It was definitely the man.

He avoided looking at the bush as he approached it, and when close enough, looked at the leg of the man, who was hiding behind the bush. Sharvyne threw the knife, which went completely through the imperials leg, and resulted in a scream of agony. Sharvyne reached behind the push and partially stabbed the man's other leg, and said "Now, we'll talk. What is House Hlaalu doing with the Commona? Why are you doing this?" The man painstakingly smiled. "I'll never say a word. And you'll just have to kill me, elf." The Ordinator pushed the knife even further into his leg. "Rrrrrrgggh!" The man was panting extremely heavy now, his hands gripping the ground. "I told you, I will not speak to you. Get it over with, Dunmer." Sharvyne was running out of time. He withdrew one of the knives, and pulled up the man's hand. He placed the knife of his thumb, and wrapped it around the blade. "If you do not speak, I will cut off every one of your fingers, then your genitals, and then your lips." The man shifted and grabbed the Ordinator's shoulder. "Alright. I will talk. Just Leave me some dignity, please, please!" Sharvyne pulled the knife out of the imperials leg. "Speak!" He yelled. " Alright. You were right. We are using the Cammona Tong. We are planning something. Something big. But it is not the Hlaalu. Well, not to say that, it is Hlaalu, but it is not official. People. like me. We are planning to send the Cammona to Mournhold, where they will exterminate the population. Hlaalu will then realize that the land is no longer claimed, and they will take it over. I will get raised ranks for claiming new land, and we will be given power, and authority." Sharvyne shook the man. "You are doing this for authority?" The imperial looked away, a a tree's moss, and then back. "No. That is just the beginning. Then we will tell all of Hlaalu what we did. We will do it again. We will claim all of the land in Morrowind. The land will belong to the Dunmer, just as it once did." Sharvyne looked puzzled. "You are an imperial. You do not want the Dunmer to reclaim the land." The man replied with: "But I do. The Other members of my cause are paying me quite well. And think of the power I will have when I take over to one of the council seats of Hlaalu." This horrified Sharvyne. "This will cause war across all of Tamriel, the Imperials will take the land back within a day." The man smiled. "Not with what we have got. We have the most advanced weapon ever even dreamed of on Nirn. You cannot imagine the power it holds. And once i kill you, I will have the task of retrieving it." The man, fast as a cliff racer, pulled out another throwing knife from Sharvyne's belt, and gripped it tightly. He held onto Sharvyne's arm with the other blade ito it, and stabbed it into The Dunmer's chest, through his armor, and into his flesh. The Imperial flipped Sharvyne over, and stabbed him in the upper back, and then in the right arm. The man turned Sharvyne turned onto his back , and raised the knife above his heart. The Ordinator Moaned: "The tables are so easily turned." He then pulled an arrow out of a casing on his leg, and plunged the arrow up, under the Imperials Jaw, which then reappeared out of the back of his skull. Sharvyne pushed the man off his chest, and lied on the ground for a minute. The Dunmr was loosing to much blood. He pulled his armor off, and examined his wounds. The stabs were deep, not puncturing any organs, but deep enough to kill him. He searched the body of the Hlaalu Agent, and claimed a note, some cloth bolts, a robe, shoes and a open lock spell. He placed the items in his satchel, except for the cloth bolts which he had wrapped around his injurys. He then started on the Path back to Balmora, his next destination, The Cammona Tong.

He arrived four days later, due to the afflictions He was brought. He turned into a small pawnshop, and bought himself two healing potions, with what little drakes he had left. he used one of the healing potions right then, and placed the other in his satchel, which was starting to bulk now. He headed back in the direction of the Lucky Lockup. He looked at the sign next to the lucky lockup, which read: Balmora, Council Club. Assuming this was the right place, he pushed on the wooden door, which was heavy, but unlocked. Many people waited inside, at least 6 of them. One of them approached him. "What is your buisness with the Cammona Tong?" She asked. " I would like to become one of you brothers, and join you in your mission." The woman shifted, and looked him up and down. "We'll see. My name is Vadusa Sathryon. What are your skills?" Sharvyne replied with the truth, "I am skilled with a blade, and in hand to hand combat. I was also a bit of a thief before I came to Vvardenfell." Vadusa told him to demonstrate, in a fight with her. He was brought into a space, and the people cleared out, and formed around them to watch. The round had started. Vadusa threw the first swing, which Sharvyne stopped with his right hand. "Nice block!" She quickly noted. She then took her left hand and threw it into his stomach, at full force, which blew him back. He retaliated with an elbow to her shoulder, and then kicked her in the back. She hit the wall, and spun around, with a slap to Sharvyne's face. He leered back and ducked under her right hand, and jumped back from her left. He did an uppercut to her head, and a punch to the stomach, and she fell to the floor. He smiled at his victory, and held his hand out to her. "Never help a fallen enemy." She said. She flipped up and hit him with a resounding kick to the head which sent him to the ground. He clenched his fists, stood up and grabbed her, and ran into the wall, but not at full force, for this was practice. She flipped over him and held his arm against his back. She turned him and kicked him into the people, who then pushed him back. He raised his left hand to punch, dodged a punch to the left, then leaned to the right and landed a hit directly in the middle of her back. She, fell to her knees, and then yelled something, something in Deadric. A man came up behind him, and pulled a bag over his face. Sharvyne struggled to escape, and then felt extreme pain as a massive fist was slammed into his stomach. The bag was lifted, for a moment, and Sharvyne saw Vadusa’s face. “Just a few more things we have to do, and then we can call you one of our own.” Then Sharvyne’s mouth was held open as a vile of poison was poured down his throat, and then it all went away.
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