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Hi all. In case anyone here hadn't noticed, the Project Tamriel forums are being restructured. A new forum is being put together to house all the Project Tamriel province mods under one roof. All existing forums will remain open, but have the posting and new registration disabled.

The new forum is now ready to be used and popualated with stuff. Project Outreach will remain open as an archive.

So head over to Project Tamriel and get registered and start posting!
Cheers guys. If you have ay issues feel free to let me know.


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View the latest post Site up and Running

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Ok so the site is up. Had to roll back to an earlier date due to a php bug. Didn't bother backing up the 4 posts, didn't really see the point.

Quickly added the Khaki_Black style and added the header logo. Re-sized the logo slightly as it was pretty massive.

Couple of little things aren't quite 100% with the style but it should do for now. The good thing about this style is that it barely changes many files, so it has all the same features as the standard proSilver one.

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Forum Rules
#1 - Most importantly, keep it civil and don't be rude. It's easy to misinterpret others on the internet. Relax, be nice, and you'll find everyone else is too.
#2 - Please avoid spamming. This includes one word answers, continual irrelevant and general nonsensical talk. Read and think carefully before you post.
#3 - Double or triple posting should be avoided. You may reply your own post after 24 hours have passed. If not, hen use the EDIT button to update it.
#4 - Constructive criticism is a must. But please be thoughtful of others and understand that people aren't trying to constantly demotivate you.
#5 - No Racist, sexist, homophobic or religious talk. I need say no more.
#6 - Don't post OR link to anything pornographic, disgusting, gory, or illegal (including illegal file sharing). Keep it to yourself.

Anyone seen to be breaking any of the above rules can be banned permanently. The first four rules when broken will be taken lightly depending on the severity of the situation. But either one of the last two will result in an instant ban. No exceptions.

We aim to keep this place as friendly and civil as possible. If you think someone is being an abusive in any way, please avoid retaliating. Retaliation causes more trouble than its worth. Instead, notify an Admin or Moderator and the offender will be dealt with.

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